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Where Smilez Are Born!!!



Jeremy Brown is the owner of Smilez Productions located in the wonderful city of Rockledge, Florida. He is an alumni of Full Sail University in where he  has a BA in Digital Cinematography and also a twenty four plus year Fire Officer. He is also a cinematographer, director, and screenwriter, with a wide variety of knowledge and practical application. He is an adventurous filmmaker, editor, and voice-over creator using my skills to create an untapped world of color, sights, and sounds. Taking the seen, unseen and overlooked to make an unhinged masterpiece that provoke the viewer on every level of emotion. 
Jeremy has an excellent work ethic and feel for today's media producing software as in, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut X, Abode After Effects, and video/audio editing software. Which he has used for many years on many projects to include numerous commercials, plays, and films. Jeremy's objective is to impact the world in spearheading difficult projects, but also to collaborate with amateur, indie, and professional-grade creatives of the same passion. 
Being a United States Air Force veteran, Jeremy has not only embedded and engraved certain visible qualities that force him to go beyond the threshold of what is needed. These qualities being Integrity, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All That We Do. But also it has changed his view on life from his travels to other countries as in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania, and Iraq just to name a few. So here at Smilez Productions, we will provide you with a tip of the spear work ethic,  compassionate understanding, and vigor, looking at the world without a filter. This is the place where Smilez are born!!!!!!!


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